Friday, October 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses and Cake

I do a lot of dresses and cakes and I don't always take pictures.  Which results in me forgetting what designs I like to do best.  There are endless possibilities with cakes and dresses.  I then google to get inspiration, which results in different designs almost every time



.  Here are a few of the designs I've done. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

A co worker had a gender reveal party and I got to make the cookies.  Cheerleader or Football player?

Nautical Birthday

My niece and nephew turned 2 this past August.  I got to make cookies to match the nautical theme decorations.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Detroit Lions

I had fun taking my time and putting all the details into these ones.  It's cookies like these that really make me wish I had a Kopykake projector!  I had some inspiration from other cookie artists like Sugarbelle. 

Go Lions!



Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Sister's Wedding.

My youngest sister's wedding has come and gone.  What a fun time we had planning and preparing.  A shower, bachelorette party and a wedding.  Here's a few pictures of the festivities and baking that was involved. 

Now that school is out for the summer I may have a few more hours in the week to dedicate to cookies. 



Beautiful shower centerpieces made by the grooms mother and sister.
The bride and grandma.
The bride, me, sister and mother at the wedding shower.
Every place setting with a different old plate and a Michigan cookie.  A heart on Traverse City, where they live and got married.


Married here, on Mt. Holiday. 

Here comes the bride.  Up the chair lift! 
My nephew enjoying a cookie.  So sweet.

I did not make the pies, but I did make the Pie Cookies!!
First dance

Me giving my toast speech.



Wish I had more pictures, but I was so busy I just didn't have much time to take any.  Most of these pictures are from family member.  Between matron of honor duties and chasing my little ones around the day went by so quick.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Birthday Fun

A mix of some birthday orders from the past month. I've been having fun creating some different cookies and sweets. I only wish I had more time to spend on my sugar art. Working full time as a teacher and being a mother to two beautiful little ones does take up most of my time. I try and limit myself to only one order per week. Maybe some day I will have enough guts to be a full time baker! lol. I'm not much of a risk taker. I enjoy what I do and I'm blessed to have some extra time to spend doing it and thank you to all my great customers!!

Where I've Been.

Noticeably absent from the online world of cookies.  Since school started back in September I've taken a bit of a baking break.  My family life has been more demanding, and so has my teaching job.  One and three year olds don't like to just watch Mommy bake and decorate, and Daddy is not any good and cooking dinner.  The stage that my family is in, just doesn't allow me the free time, or the extra energy that I need to put into the baking.  So for now I'm doing occasional local orders only.  I am not shipping at this time.  If you have emailed me in the past few months and I haven't responded, please forgive me.  I appreciate all the generous comments and feedback and I'm sorry I just haven't had more time to commit to cookies.

Thanks for your understanding, and I hope to put more time into baking again soon!