Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday Boy!

 My best friend, Mandie's, son is turning one!  So I made some cookies!  We are exchanging goods.  See, she is a Jewel Kade stylist ( ) and I have a small obsession with this jewelry.  Cookies for necklace, sounds like a deal to me. 

Only one small problem......
I spelled her son's name wrong!!!! 

Seriously, how did I make such a mistake?  I was taking these pictures when I glanced at the invitation and noticed that there is no "y" in his name.  I keep telling myself anyone could have made this mistake.  But I feel as a best friend theres no excuse.  Well, luckily she has a sense of humor and is understanding.  And I have extra cookies and leftover icing to make some with his name spelled correctly.  So the "Cayden" cookies will go to the bottom of the pile.  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cookies

I had an Easter order so I made a few dozen extra and had some fun with bunnies and chicks!  This is the first time I've done Easter cookies.  Like most holidays the possibilities are endless, and it's hard to narrow down the ideas sometimes.  These were fun, and now I have plenty to share. 

Happy Easter!!

Its hard to tell in this picture but the tulip has disco dust on one petal and it makes it so pretty!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mickey Mouse Birthday

My daughter turned 2!  She loves Mickey Mouse, so I had fun making some Mickey cookies.  I wanted to keep the design simple and fun.  I'm happy with how these turned out and Kate was even happier!  I didn't have a Mickey cookie cutter so I put my variety of circle cutters to the task. 

I don't specialize in cakes.  This is one of the cakes you make for a shaped Wilton pan.  I thought it looked easy and fool-proof.  Well it is fool-proof, but not easy on the arm/wrists!  After piping thousands of stars, my wrist was sore!!!  I'm not sure I will be doing another one of these cakes anytime soon, :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baptism Cookies

Loved doing these baptism cookies for a sweet little guy named Chase! Another mail order! It's exciting to be doing cookies for people in other states. Just a little nerve-wracking to ship them and hope that Mr. Fed-ex takes good care of my package!

Hello little bears!