Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bridal Shower

These sugar cookies are for a bridal shower this weekend.  I did about 60 cookies total.  I tried out marshmallow fondant on these cookies.   Very simple recipe that I got off All Recipes. The fondant learning curve created a little more work than anticipated, and quite a powder sugar mess.  Once I really figured it out, it looked great.  I'm not sure I like it better than flooding with royal icing.  The taste is fine, but its more "on my feet" kind of work.  Where as with royal icing I can sit down and watch a little TV while working.  Just my little nit pick.  :)  They did come out beautiful though.  All the detailing was done with royal icing.  I will defintely try out the marshmallow fondant on cakes in the future. 

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