Thursday, July 8, 2010

Matt and Lisa's Briday Shower Cookies

A Michigan Wedding needs some Michigan Cookies!  Matt and Lisa are getting married on Mackinac Island so it was only appropriate to do some Michigan Mitt and Mackinac Bridge Cookies.  I was really happy with how the Michigan Mitt cookies turned out.  I even had great success with using disco dust!!  I love a little cookie glitter! 

The bridges turned out "ok".  Not my best, but everyone really liked them.  A little more time and effort and I could have done much better. The little red heart really added a touch of love! 

All bagged up and ready for a home!

Now I have 60 lighthouse sugar cookies to prepare for their wedding next week!  3 Michigan lighthouses!  I baked them up yesterday in the 95 degree heat wave.  My small kitchen warmed up quick!  But they are all baked up and ready for decorating.  I'm going to work on the decoration plan today and maybe start them tomorrow.  I also have a 4 dozen wedding cake/dress sugar cookie order for next weekend that I need to start moving on!  After this I think I need a break from baking for at least a week.  :)

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