Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy with summer life!

My oven has been quiet lately, which is ok since this heat wave makes me want to stay as cool as possible. My super tiny kitchen heats up too fast, and when its a 100 degrees outside its not a room I'd like to hang out in.
So we've been vacationing a little and I've had time to spend on my other crafts! I sewed some dresses for Kate and had a tie dye BBQ. I love tie dye. Very fun to create, but you can have too much. :) So I'll need to be gifting some of my creations.
Enjoy the heat wave!

I'm uploading this post from my "smart" phone, I wonder if it will turn out ok? My laptop is broken :(

fun tie dyeing onesies!


various broadcloth pieces to sew into something (?)

cute dress I made Kate.

loving my little man!

Kate showing off her sweetness and new dress.

More tie dye variations.  Possibilities are endless!!

Another dress I made Kate.  This one is my favorite!  It even has a pocket!

For the twins!  

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