Monday, August 29, 2011

Whoopee Pies

Made some last minute whoopee pies for a family gathering. I used the chocolate whoopee recipe from my Whoopie Pie book but for the filling I used the amazing (!) toasted marshmallow frosting recipe from Sweetapolita. I could eat the frosting off a spoon all day. (and not feel guilty). These tasted great. I think next time I might add some expresso powder to the mix.

Here's a few pictures. I've been having fun with my camera phone for most of my food pictures lately. I've been impressed with the pictures and effect capabilities. It's a HTC evo. Since the birth of my daughter (who's 2) I've been having bad luck with cameras. They drop (a lot), mysteriously break or malfunction. And until I can convince my photographer father to take my pictures, I'll be sticking with the camera phone for a little while.

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