Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cherry Time!

My favorite place to go it Traverse City, MI.  Where cherries are abundant, and so are the local wineries!  I was lucky enough to live there for a few years after college, and I have missed it like it's my home ever since I moved away.  Now my family and job keeps me 5 hours south, but I'm able to visit several times a year.  My little sister lives there now, and just bought her first house.  Visiting will be comfortable and I'm sure we will wear out our welcome.  Maybe if I bake her a lot of cookies we can stay longer. 

The National Cherry Festival starts in July 7th and consumes the whole city for a week.  Although it is insanely busy with "fudgies," what the locals call the tourists, it's a beautiful and fun filled time to visit.  So in honor of Cherry Festivial I'll be passing out these cookies to all my friends. 

Have I mentioned I'm loving ruffles on cookies lately?  So easy and fancy looking!

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  1. These are "cherry Cherry" cute! I love them a lot!