Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple Lollipop Cookies

After making some Halloween and Pumpkin Lollipop cookies, I began to think about all the other shapes and themes I could do with these.  My head went into a cookie spin!  Apples seemed like the next logical lollipop project.  I added some apple pie spice to these which gave them a wonderful smell and a more fall appropriate flavor. 


  1. Your cookies look amazing! I tried making lollypop cookies recently, they are my new favorite thing to bake. Your candy apple idea is the cutest!

  2. i tried your recipe but they were way to sticky and just didnt turn out right. Im trying again today because im pretty sure i know what i did wrong.... I love these cookies though! They are such a wonderful idea and i know my 2 year old will love them too

  3. Okay...I'm officially pulling out my cookie dough and adding food color in the next few minutes. LOVE the apples!!!!! Great job!!