Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Wedding Shower

These were from a wedding shower over the weekend. The colors were orange and green. It was a beautiful color combo with a variety of sugar cookies and cupcakes. Luckily I only made 2 extra pumpkin cupcakes (with cinnamon cream cheese frosting) and yes I devoured the extra two within minutes. They are my favorite!


  1. I am new to viewing your blog, and your cookies and cakes are wonderful! I love the colors of these fall cookies.

  2. These are from my daughter's wedding shower, and I can attest to the following: (1) they were the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen; (2) the taste is AMAZING; (3) I wish we had more; and (4) I'm really sorry I didn't grab any to take home with me. I highly recommend this product and will order from her again!